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City Management

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City Management

City Management?

With years of experience in managing and maintaining facility services of cities, we have the necessary expertise to handle any challenge that comes our way. You can count on us to take care of everything from managing and optimizing facility services of the city to their implementation so you can have peace of mind knowing that your facility is in good hands knowing that a well-maintained facility creates a positive image for your business, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
We understand that every business has unique needs. That’s why we offer flexible and scalable solutions to meet your specific needs and budget. We can customize our services to fit your schedule and requirements.
Finally, participating in city managed facility services is a smart move for your business. By partnering with us, you’ll have access to a team of experts with years of experience, cost savings, improved safety and security, and customized solutions to fit your needs. Don’t let facility management stress you out.

City Management

What is Electricity Metering System?

To improve the energy efficiency of buildings, it is necessary to implement an automatic energy accounting and monitoring system capable of working with a large amount of accounting equipment, to produce internal billing and qualitative analysis of electricity consumption, which contribute to prompt decision-making on optimization. Having a large amount of data and the results of its analysis, a company can more accurately predict power consumption. Here comes the role of our Electricity metering system that manages the electricity consumption by the end users. Here are the advantages:

The system syncs the data from the meter and manages it

Reports: monitoring would be the easy part.

The system is feasible with any meter or smart card readers

City Management

What is Water Supply System?

Many real estate developers have developed residential properties in the region where they introduced improved methods of water management. Most residents of upscale apartments mention that efficient water management not only ensures a continuous supply of water but also minimises the wastage of it. By mentioning that these advantages uprise:

With the water meter installed at home, inhabitants can be assured of pure billing of the supply they used.

Accuracy, since proper installations of the system would be in place.

Monitoring of supply units through meter can curb the unnecessary usage of water, which is more likely to happen if there is no monitoring.

City Management

What is Gas Metering System?

Gas meter systems are essential components in a gas distribution network and it plays a crucial role in monitoring, controlling, and measuring the flow of gas from the distribution network to the end user., we provide the system that you are looking for with these features:

The system stores, measures the amount of gas that was provided to the end user

Reporting: makes the monitoring much easier

Notification ability as desired

City Management

What is IT Support?

To safeguard your systems, you should think about having some level of IT support in place.
Start by considering carefully how much technical support you need. This depends on how much IT expertise you have in-house, how important it is to keep systems running smoothly, and how much you can sensibly afford for a support contract , Sharpsoft should be on the top of your list, here are our main tasks:
set up tasks, such as installation and configuration

Staff training and upskilling

Remote monitoring and management, enabling rapid response to errors and failures

Telephone, email or online support

Guaranteed response times

IT asset management and inventory

Security management, including software patches, virus protection, and storage and backup task

City Management

What is IT Consultancy?

(IT) consulting services help improve the performance, scalability and competitiveness of your company through right technology enablement and usage. Sharpsoft can expertly guide your IT and digital transformation initiatives from strategy to implementation.

City Management

What is Real Estate Management System?

Advanced business software and solutions have allowed every industry across the globe to handle processes more effectively. The Real Estate Management Software provides significant benefits which allow accessing real time information and also saving time & money.

With Sharpsoft real estate management software, you will be able to better monitor finances and they will be organized.

The correct software provides you with better and efficient tools to accomplish the job so that you can convince both the tenants and the buyers with agreeable deals. The software eliminates complications for the tenants which in turn gets you a positive reputation

It simplifies the accounting aspects and informs if they are saved and ready when you need them to be.

Saves you time with features like sending automated notifications, such as when rent is due and balances.

Quick access to the information you need, and you will be able to access this from many devices.

There is a lot of paperwork that comes with the process and having a place to safely store and retrieve these documents becomes so much easier with the right software.