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“We would like to thank your company for getting the job done in such a short notice with the best price value. We hope to see more companies following your lead .
Best of luck”

Bokan Arsalan Qadr, Accountant, Retired Peshmarga Administration of Sulaymaniyah

“On behalf of all the officers and employees of Ground Training Base Sulaymaniah, we would like to express our deep gratitude for your generous work. We hope to see more companies following your lead.
Best of luck”

Baxtyar Hama  Karim, Dean, Ground Training Base of Sulaymaniah

“Committed to their work, perfectly on the designated timeline. Very professional scheme of work. Regards”

Alan Dilan, Principal, The British International School in Sulaymaniah

“A flexible team that makes a person to work with them as a partner, not an out-source company.” Sakar A. Sidiq, Marketing Directer, Family Mall- Sulaimanyah

“I am really satisfied with their working behavior, their staff was very friendly and professional, we have been working with more than 8 hours and we didn’t have any difficulties or problems with them. I see them as a very successful staff, we greatly value their business.” Daban Ftah karim, Instrument Manager,  Harem Company

“Thanks for your services, we had a good experience with your work and your staff”

Payam Nasih, CEO, Barde Construction

“We as Coca Cola company show our gratitude to the employees of sharp soft company, they are the only company that has been successfully accomplished their work regarding their support and product, and we haven’t faced any difficulties with them. Best of lucks”

Brusk Aram Omer, Manager,  Cocacola

“As CDO organization, our joined project with SharpSoft is going smoothly. Thanks for your constant cooperation and support. We hope more and more success.”

Rubar Khaled Mohammed,Media Directer, Civil Development Organization

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