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GPS Tracking System

GPS Tracking System

Bringing the ability to track vehicles across the globe from your PC, or even your phone anytime anywhere, Sharpsoft Company offers the best and most comprehensive vehicle tracking solutions. Be it for a commercial fleet, a bus or a transport and logistics company, vehicle tracking is an efficiency, increased profitability and safety-centric benefit to add to anything on the road. You can be sure that you will get the best price and quality of GPS service with us.

Real time Tracing

you can have the ability to monitor the vehicle on Google Map at real time.


Identifying a specific geographical limit for the vehicles & define zone in/out event

Fuel & cost control

ability to define estimated fuel consumption for any vehicle or any truck per kilometer

With lots of other services…

Over Speed Alarm

Determining and monitoring the vehicle’s speed and get notified in case of over speed.


you can get notified about different events (car accidents, over speed limits … etc.)

History & Reporting

more than 30 default reports, recording and archiving all the vehicle movements and status for three months

Engine off and on statues

so, you can know if the engine of the vehicle is on or off, with full history details about it

Point Of Interest

Ability to update the map by putting your points of interest on the map

Report Automation

Sending daily and weekly automatic reports via emails as well as notifications

Technical Features

• Geofence/Movement alerts.
• Over-speed alerts.
• Low battery alerts.
• Built-in memory
• The ability to schedule the working hours for the GPS device
• Door open / ACC /Shock alerts
• Remotely cut off oil engine system
• Support fuel sensor (optional)



GPS tracking puts the you in the driver’s seat of every vehicle in the fleet. As a business owner, you can have total control over your mobile resources, all from the comfort of your office.


This control converts directly to productivity. Because every vehicle is constantly tracked, managers are able to ensure that drivers are fully maximizing their time on the road for the benefit of the business. They can accurately report the hours that they worked, while also reducing administrative time spent on logbook reporting. A GPS tracking system logs all of this information automatically.
GPS tracking systems have the added benefit of keeping drivers accountable which has been proven to reduce unauthorized overtime and fuel theft, as well as decrease vehicle, wear & tear through better driving practices.


Drivers will not only be more accountable for their whereabouts on your dime, GPS tracking will also make them safer. Firstly, drivers behave better on the roads when their vehicles are being tracked which helps to eliminate any bad habits like speeding, excessive braking or dangerous driving. Secondly, fleet managers know precisely where drivers so help will quickly be at hand in the event of an emergency. Lone workers or drivers who spend a lot of time in remote locations can also have a panic button fitted which will alert head office in the event of a crisis.


Fleet managers have little control over the price of fuel, but GPS fleet tracking means you can effectively control how that fuel is being used. Because drivers are aware that their every move is known, GPS fleet tracking has been shown to significantly improve productivity and efficiency when it comes to the consumption of fuel. Vehicle idling is reduced, as is driver speeding and unauthorized vehicle use, while fleet managers have the ability to monitor driver routes and optimize for efficiency.

Fleet protection

GPS tracking means that if a vehicle in the fleet is stolen, it can be easily tracked and located in cooperation with authorities

Brand Reputation

Brand perception is a valuable business asset and with faster response times, responsible driving behavior, efficient service and error-free invoicing, your reputation and image will improve, translating to more positive feedback, more referrals, and more sales.

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